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Cell    404.408.7187

About Kristin


My design philosophy is that every client should feel completely comfortable in their homes. That always means different things to different people.  I believe our homes need to function for everyday life, but that does not mean you have to compromise beauty for function! Gone are the days of formal entertaining spaces. Today's families would rather have updated rooms that function as living and entertaining areas rather than formally decorated rooms in their homes that are rarely enjoyed. I like the challenge of incorporating family heirlooms, existing furnishings and new purchases to transform a space that is pleasing to each clients' tastes and needs.

When designing a new space, I am frequently asked if a particular item or object is going to work with their new decor. I always tell clients - if the object is one that evokes fond memories or makes them smile when they see it, then it will always work in their space. I have yet to come across a piece of furniture, art, object or heirloom that I have not been able to successfully incorporate into their design!

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